Past sewing projects – Part Two!

As promised, I will continue my update of my past sewing projects before moving onto my new ones.

One of my next projects was based on the Simplicity 1800 and for it I chose to make a halter top dress out of Pat Bravo’s lace elements fabric in cherry. The fabric was beautiful and I think this pattern worked well with the quilting cotton (which I need to stop buying in hopes that someday I’ll make more drapey garments). I purchased the fabric from Hawthorne Threads which is just a phenomenal place to shop for fabric. Their website is easy to navigate, has a cool color match feature, and they have two-day shipping for $5.50 flat-rate.

The pattern came together pretty easily and I followed the directly completely. It is from the Simplicity ‘Amazing Fit’ pattern collection which helps you fit the garment while you’re sewing to get an ‘amazing fit’. I lined the bodice with some pink fabric that I had leftover from another dress and only used a 9 inch zipper (all I had) which makes it difficult to get on and off but the garment fits quite nice.

After constructed I realized that I don’t particularly like halter tops…they fit awkwardly and hurt my neck. Luckily the straps were long enough that I could attach them to the top of the back and turn it into a cross-back dress. The straps weren’t sewn on very elegantly nor do they lay flat but I don’t really think anyone will notice. Do you?

Ok, moving on. Back in March when I got my sewing machine I found the perfect piggy fabric at Gather Here in Cambridge, MA. My mom is quite the pig enthusiast and I knew I had to make something for her with it. So, when Mother’s Day rolled around I needed to make a plan.

It was between an apron and a tote bag. In the end I went with the tote bag because I didn’t want the piggies intentionally getting dirty (even though that’s what they do best!). I used the pig fabric for the lining of the bag and a bright green check for the exterior since I decided the pigs would be a little obnoxious for everyday use. Until now, I hadn’t sewing anything buy clothing (and a stuffed cat) and I had no idea how difficult this bag would be. Luckily, it came together pretty easily and was quite fun to construct ¬†since I had no worried about whether it would fit someone’s body or not!

I used the free tote bag pattern from jcaroline creative! which was really easy to follow. The only thing I would change if I made it again would be to widen the bottom of the bag from 3 to 4 inches.

And finally, my most recent creation was by FAR my most frustrating. I’ve been wanting to make a maxi dress and used Cynthia Rowley’s pattern Simplicity 1801 without the sleeves. I was being patient and even made the bodice out of muslin to make sure the pattern fit, which it did despite my absurdly large rib cage. The problems came the next day. I wanted to make the pattern out of some purple flowery fabric that I bought from Mood that had eyelets all over…which meant that I would have to completely line the dress. I was being cheap so I used muslin which actually looks decent I think. In my mind, lining the dress without a pattern wasn’t going to be difficult…I’d just sew the lining and fabric together with right sides together and turn it inside out. But if you think about it, it really can’t work that way. So after many hours of slaving away both sewing and using my seam ripper, I managed to completely line the dress quite nicely I think.

So, you might be wondering why it is knee-length instead of the planned maxi-length. Well, I have yet to master the art of picking fabrics for certain patterns and this combination was a clear problem. Maybe if it didn’t have such a full skirt it wouldn’t have looked like a ‘Laura Ingalls Wilder’ dress as Dan described it. Nevertheless, the finished version is comfortable and easy to wear and I’m sure it will be my go-to house dress.¬†

So, I think that concludes all my past projects until now! Stay tuned for those in the future!