(Fake) Woven Wrap Skirt

A few months back I came across the website Kollabora. It was started by a few people involved with BurdaStyle and has a similar online community vibe for crafters/sewers/knitters. I’m still not sure how much I like it as a resource, but when I came across one of the skirts I knew I had to buy the fabric and make something similar (for skirt click here).

I ordered the fabric online from Mood and I had expected the navy and white to come from the woven nature of the fabric. I was surprised to learn that the woven/wintery look is actually screen printed onto a navy fabric which is hard to tell even in the pictures I posted, which is why I called it the ‘fake’ woven skirt. Either way, the fabric is still beautiful and and very soft.


I didn’t want to completely copy the Kollabora skirt so I chose a slightly different pattern – a (very easy) wrap skirt from Vogue Pattern 8835.



I whipped up this skirt in just one night! The pattern was really easy to follow and I didn’t have to change the sizing at all and it fit dead on. The hardest part was matching up the patterns at all the side seams but I managed it pretty well I think.




The only part that I don’t love is the yoke…it tends to stick out at the junction with the skirt – maybe I didn’t trim the seam allowance enough?


In this picture you can see what the back of the fabric looks like and where the wrap comes around to in the front.



The back of the skirt.



Sorry, no pictures of me wearing it yet. I think it is a tad too long as it goes past my knees and I think my mom described it well when she said it would look ‘matronly’, which is does. I think I’ll raise the hem line a bit before I wear it again.

Overall I really like it and can see myself using the pattern again. Unfortunately, I have a bunch of this fabric leftover but not much on the selvage where the pretty elaborations of the pattern fall. I’ll keep it in my stash until I can think of something to do with it!


  • Trudy Kloos

    Very cute indeed

  • http://www.danvillegirl.blogspot.com Linda L

    That is a lovely use of this fabric.