Blizzard-y White Abbey Coat – FINISHED

Mother Nature made up for her lack of snow the past two winters by dumping a blizzard on Boston last night.

IMG_0047 IMG_0048 IMG_0049 IMG_0051 IMG_2225Dan and I have both been sick this past week but we got a snow day on Friday, which I was determined to make productive (because what fun is a free snow day when you’re sick and can’t enjoy it?!). My first, and biggest, project was to paint the upstairs powder room. It’s still not done, mainly because I decided to do time-consuming stripes. I have the main coat down (white) and taped off one wall and put up a few different colors to try.


I think we’re going to go for the gray (which surprised us). The yellow was a little to painful to the eyes in the room. Plus gray stripes are more versatile and I can accessorize with fun colors.

Onto more interesting things – I finally finished my Abbey Coat!! I thought the blizzard was a sign from higher powers that it was time for this coat to be DONE.  I blogged about the coat twice before here and here (yes, it has been waiting to be finished since early October). In the last update, it was completely done minus buttons and buttonholes, which, if you’ve read my blog, I absolutely hate. I put in the buttonholes while finishing Trudy’s cape (December) and finally sewed on the buttons during two episodes of Law & Order.

I’m so happy with the result. The coat really is beautiful and the pattern was wonderful. I remember starting this pattern all nervous that it would turn out terribly, but the instructions were so easy to follow that in the end, I felt that I hadn’t done anything and Jamie Christina had made it herself!





The only place I messed up were the bottom of the sleeves where I put the buttonholes on the wrong side so they don’t fold as they should – but really, who’s going to notice?

IMG_1292 IMG_1290

My excuse for not finishing the coat earlier was not having the right buttons – luckily I found some at Winmil in Chinatown.


IMG_1295The colors makes it appropriate for spring (before the melting snow turns brown, ew!). I can’t wait to get good use out of it and for many years to come. I loved the pattern and hope to make it in a shorter version at some point!


  • Trudy Kloos

    Looks Beautiful!

  • Amy Mayen

    That coat is fab! I’ve never heard of abbey christina patterns. Where do you buy them?

    • carrie

      You can buy her patterns here. I’ve only tried this coat pattern but there is an abundance of great reviews on the maxi dress as well.